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One more week in the storybook of the Água Boa Amazon Lodge, and as with so many others, dreams became real… and actions, although sometimes leading to an unexpected end, almost always brought smiles of satisfaction to the faces of our guests!

Compared to the previous week, there were not so many changes, the biggest change was in the group itself and the characters of the people who visited us.

Yet again it was the huge numbers and amazing sizes of the fish caught that delighted each of our fly-fishers.

It was what we have come to expect from this extraordinary water… more than 10 fish above 10lbs each day and with several between 16 and 18lbs during the week.

We continue to highlight the quality of sight fishing on the fly… the indescribable feeling of seeing the fish, imagining the action in your thought, and then performing it exactly as you imagined it… a spectacular fish connected to a radiantly colorful fly…

Again nature showed us her voluptuous beauty, in the form of numerous birds, jungle animals, and even a magnificent specimen of a Jaguar.

All came into view… sometimes only for a moment, but such moments live on… tattooed vibrantly into our memories.

The colors and nuances of the Água Boa river once again bewitched our guests, some of whom were visiting us for the first time.

Try as we may to describe the magic and the sensations of this extraordinary place, only those who visit the Água Boa Amazon Lodge can really feel it…

Our little piece of paradise changes people. Whilst they may not feel it immediately, it will live with them forever.

Your Agua Boa Team.

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    This is simply amazing!!!!

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