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Greetings Peacock Fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. It was great to ring in the New Year with a group of long-time fishing buddies, including four Father and Son fishing pairs! Thanks to the Dads for the great trip.

Joining last weeks’ group was Agua Boa Amazon Lodge’s most highly decorated angling veteran, Paul Lavins. Paul first joined us here in 2003 and since then has logged the most weeks as a guest here at the Lodge. Thanks Paul it was great fishing with you again this year. Check out a shot of Paul with hard fighting Spotted Peacock. One thing that we have always said about the fishery here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is that it is a great fit for anglers of all skill levels. The more experienced anglers love the challenge of sight fishing and beginners get the chance to make a high volume of casts and will most certainly be rewarded by the aggressive strike of a Peacock Bass.

Last week’s guest Jack Klippel proved once again that the Agua Boa is the ideal place to cut your teeth as a first-time fly angler. Day one he took a casting lesson by the pool then wet a line for a few hours on the river. By day two he was casting 60ft and by day three he had landed a brut 18lb Peacock Bass and continued to catch fish all week long. Enjoy a shot of Jack with his 18 pounder and his fishing buddy Doyt Conn with a nice Peacock Acu! As we mentioned last week the water is higher than usual for this time of year but the fishing has continued to be stellar. In addition, the weather was as mild as we remember throughout all of last week. We had showers daily and cloudy skies a majority of the week. Yet despite the low light, we did still have excellent sight fishing both in the river and in the lagoons.

The daily rain showers that we did receive increased the water levels by only a matter of inches, so for those of you that will be visiting us in the near future, the Agua Boa River is in prime shape for your upcoming Peacock adventure! Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you here soon!

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