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Bem vindo mais uma vez, Peacock Bass fans, to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. As we cross the mid-month mark here in February, fishing remains very good with low clear conditions and plenty of action every day on the water. While some mid-week rains bumped up the river level a few inches last week, conditions remain ideal for sight fishing both in the main channel and in the lagunas. As the river continues to drop, the guides are favoring smaller flies in contrasting colors, such as Half-and-Half Clouser Minnows, Mushies, and Deceivers in the #1/0-#3/0 range as well as smaller poppers.

Last week here at the lodge featured the annual visit of longtime friends: Chris Nischan, Tom Dempsey, and Tina Webber. This is always one of our favorite weeks as Chris and Tom provide non-stop entertainment and enough mischief to keep everyone on their toes. Whether it’s charismatic inflatable pool toys, battery powered Mardi Gras beads, fluorescent chartreuse novelty fly rods, or Tolkien-esque wizard masks, there is never a dull moment when this crew is on the river! Obviously, after 12 seasons in the Equatorial Rainforest, they’ve established a certain comfort level.

Of course after all that time on the water, they’re pretty comfortable with the fishing no matter the conditions. By this point, they’ve seen it all from drought-low to high-and-in-the-trees and everything in between. So when they say they had an exceptional week of fishing, Chris, Tom, and Tina know of what they speak. And to hear them tell it, last week was one of the best they’ve seen for consistency, species variety, overall numbers of fish, and trophies landed. Enjoy some pictures of some of the many beautiful tucunare asu landed by this veteran crew. Another great week on the Agua Boa. Can’t wait to see you all next year!

Technical Tip: As the river has dropped into perfect sight-fishing level, ideal fly line choice has shifted accordingly. We still recommend the RIO Tropical Out Bound Short WF8 F/I as your daily driver and best all-around line. But for your second outfit in the boat, a floating line (also Outbound Short) will get more done out there than a heavy sink tip. And remember to bring extra fly lines. While we still have some lines remaining in the fly shop, it’s a wise investment to bring at least two of each (floating and intermediate) so when the inevitable kinky coil bug strikes your running line, you can swap out for a freshie for those last few days on the water.

Thanks for checking in with the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. We look forward to seeing you here at the lodge!

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