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Welcome back, Peacock fans, to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. Here on the Agua Boa we always say that old friends are the best friends. We are fortunate to have so many regular returning guests that most weeks are a nice mix of familiar faces and avid newbies. This past week was no exception with two of our favorite raconteurs, longtime peacock fiends, Chris Nischan and Tom Dempsey in camp. These guys are two of the most enthusiastic and entertaining anglers ever to whirl a fly line, and they brought a crew of wonderful friends and associates along for the ride.

Chris and Tom are “outside the box” thinkers on most matters, which tends to inform some rather eccentric angling approaches. Everything is on the table, or more precisely, on the rod rack, and one need never wonder if there will be enough gear around for anyone who might break a rod or lose a flyline to the piranhas.

Chris, for example, spent most of the week pitching poppers with a light fiberglass “Gecko” trout rod (complete with rainbow-colored foam grip), while Tom couldn’t wait to get back to the dock in the evening to work on his two-handed technique using his 12’6” Spey Rod. Here’s a shot of Chris getting in over his head with the “Gecko.”

The river has dropped steadily and significantly this week, as we return to our more normal dry-season weather pattern.

As usual our expert guide staff is always willing to dig deep into the jungle to find secret lagunas and hungry fish. Here’s a shot of head guide, Joseph, in his 21st season on the river still not “mailing it in.”

Fishing overall has been steady, with several trophies landed and many others lost. Here’s one of the best, a beast landed by Jim Blake.

And animal and bird sightings are a daily delight. On the last day of the week (as if catching a fish like that wasn’t enough), Jim and his wife, Nancy, got a thrill of a lifetime when guide, Samuel, pointed out a big beautiful jaguar curled up like a kitten on one of the newly-exposed sandbanks.

As we move into the home stretch of the season here at the lodge, conditions are shaping up for a strong finish. The guides are still favoring mid-sized Mushies and Sea-Habits in various colors and Intermediate (for general use) and 200-250 grain sinking tip lines. Plan to rig a couple of rods to cover different depths and situations for each day out in the boat.

Stay tuned to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report for the latest Equatorial angling updates. We’re looking forward to seeing you here on the water!

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