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Greetings Peacock Fans! Welcome back to The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. This week’s edition covers the week of January 12-19th, 2019. At this point the fishing in 2019 has been the best in memory for a quantity and quality peacock experience. Not only that, one other mind-blowing factors has been the frequent interactions with the elusive jungle river king, the Pirarucu. Last week the group landed two and had dozens of shots throughout the week.

Last weeks group has been coming back year after year since 2014 and has seen the best that the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge has to offer. As mentioned above, the quantities of fish landed was off the chart. As a rule, the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge does not publish fish counts in our reports for a variety of reasons, however if we did, last week would probably have been near the top of the list in terms of fish landed. We don’t need numbers to brag about our great fishing. However, with that being said, we are happy to be boastful about our great guides, facilities and being able to watch live playoff football.

Quality fish was also a big part of last week’s experience for the group. Fish in the upper teens were landed daily including “Big-Fish” Bob Spence’s Friday morning heroics where he landed three Tucunare Acu collectively totalling 45lb’s. Enjoy a shot of “Big-fish” Bob with a monster and another of Fred May with a bruiser buck Tucunare Acu!

As mentioned earlier, we have been having a fair number of shots at Pirarucu. Week in and week out we get email inquiries asking about the strategies used to hook and land the Pirarucu. Thus far our guests have had their success using their day in and day out peacock set ups, nine weight rods, intermediate fly lines and .025 inch or larger leaders. The most important factor has been making the most of the first cast when presenting your fly to a Pirarucu. The more casts made equals a rapid decline in the likelihood that they will grab the fly. Check out a shot of veteran Agua Boa angler David Whitney with a nice Pirarucu.

Looking into the next few weeks we predict continued great fishing. The water levels remain ideal for our favorite activity, sight fishing. In addition, we are happy to still be able to access our favorite stretches of river and lagoons. On the lower river we expect to continue to see more Arowana moving in from the Rio Branco and to land a variety of exotic species system wide. Last week Nick Wagner took advantage of the different species willing to grab a fly on the Agua Boa River. Check out a few shots of Nick with a nice Payara and a beauty Surubim.

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. We look forward to seeing you here soon!

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