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Greeting Peacock Fans, welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. Lasts weeks fishing was once again off the chart. Our group landed fish over ten pounds daily and it was an 18-pound brut that was the largest fish of the week. Enjoy a shot of Cam Walker and “Sight Fish” Sam, showing of their hard fighting Tucunare Acu.
The Agua Boa Lodge and its premier fishery has become a fly-fishing tradition over the past 18 years and it has been great to be able to share it with so many of our guests. Last week was no different, our guests were an unusual group in that none of them had been to the Agua Boa before. The guides and staff had a great time showing off all that the Agua Boa has to offer from great fishing, to wildlife encounters and of course our wonderful facility.

Last weeks group of rookies had a great time learning the ropes up and down the river. As always there were a tremendous amount of sight fishing opportunities, peacock doubles, multiples species encounters and two Pirarucu landed during the week. Check out a shot Drew and Craig Cattel showing off their daily double.

Craig and Drew weren’t the only father combo at the lodge last week. We were lucky enough to host Bernard and Jonathan Gersh, and Mike and Ernie Ward to experience a truly great week here at the Agua Boa. Check out shots of the guys and their great catches!

Every year we are excited to take advantage of the new technology that our industries manufactures have produced to make our fly fishing for Peacock Bass a better experience. Some years we have new rods, reels, flies or other innovations to introduce to our guests. This year we would like to highlight Rio Products new Jungle Series fly lines. The series highlights lines in two densities, a floating line and a floating intermediate. With a longer taper than the Outbound Short we like the smoother delivery and the option of the intermediate model to let the fly sink in deeper spots. Thanks Rio Products for the new innovation.

As the water levels continue to be primo and the consistent breeze keeps the stifling heat at bay, we would like to thank you one and all for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. We look forward to seeing you here soon.

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