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Another week has drawn to a close and takes its place in the long and colourful history of the Agua Boa!

The winds arrived and blew away the rain clouds, leaving fewer and fewer drops of rain to fall on the faces of our visitors …

The week started with the extremely good news that the water level had begun to drop. Little by little the fish began to leave the flooded areas and arrived back in their more usual haunts in the rivers and lagoons and lakes…

Fishing became easier as our peacocks and the myriad other species of fish that we target were back, in increasing numbers and showing greater and greater activity!

The lights were ‘on’ and everyone was home!

We have still not quite reached that ‘perfect level’ of water in the river just yet, but everything indicates that nature is well on its way to reward our patience in the time-honoured fashion. Tight lines!!

Every fishing day our guests experienced the awesome power of the Amazonian peacock – the legendary Tucunaré, rewarding us regularly with explosive takes and spectacular jumps and runs!

Daily fish numbers by boat remained between 10 and 60 fish per day, with a good number of fish between 10 lbs and 17 lbs.

Every fisherman encountered good double-digit specimens throughout the week and will carry memories home of those intense moments of jungle combat Agua Boa style!

Our latest guests have visited us before and we hope to welcome them back again soon to our beautiful water. We are looking forward to seeing them again.

More highlights of the week were the five (!) individual sightings of our local Amazonian Jaguars. With their raw beauty and immense power the images of these extraordinary big cats will linger in the memories of those lucky fishermen who had the privilege to see such beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

Since we started operating this season already TEN Jaguars have shown themselves to our lucky guests.

This week several members of our resident and now well-established Pirarucu population won all their battles with our fishermen. These heavy-weight fighting giant Arapaima fought so valiantly that they did not allow themselves to be brought to shore nor even to the boat to pose for a picture.

Terry had a memorable 15-minute fight with a good-sized arapaima but ultimately, after several spectacular jumps, the fish freed itself from his fly and swam cockily away… come back soon Terry and win your next ‘Battle of the Giants ’…

Dear friends, until next week! We do hope to bring you more good news and new stories about fly-fishing in our little piece of paradise…

A new day will dawn, bringing with it the familiar lush sounds of the rain forest, spreading across our river and its waters, calling those extraordinarily colourful and fantastic fish to their next mystic meeting with fate…

Come soon, we await your visit!

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