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Hello Folks and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report!!! We are off to a great start here on the Agua Boa, thanks to a great group from Mavungana Fly Fishing. For the fourth straight year Mavungana has kicked off the season for the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and once again they had incredible fishing.

Thanks to Gareth Reid and Vidar Tosse for bringing a group of ten anglers half from Norway and the other half from South Africa. It was fun for us to have guests come from the far reaches of the globe to meet up and have a week of fishing and fun. Thanks Gareth and Vidar! Enjoy a shot of Gareth with a nice Acu then check out Vidar and Coboclo with a hard fighting Paca! As mentioned in an earlier report the Agua Boa River is higher than it has been the last three openers, but the fishing is top notch.

What we consider average levels for the end of October, gave the group from Mavungana the opportunity to catch large quantities of fish. Not only did they catch large quantities of fish but they landed some Bruts as well, including a monster pictured hear posing with Mynhard Herholdt. Going into last week, and based on Lance Rangers- Owner’s week, we felt that the 300 grain lines were going to be the ticket for the Mavungana team. However, we were pleasantly surprised that the intermediate tips were almost just as effective. So, the good news is if you don’t want to fight a 300 all day, there is a nice, more user-friendly option in the intermediate line.

In addition, we did have a fair bit of popper action but our feeling is that the best popper weeks are yet to come! Based on what we saw the river levels do last week, we are big-time bullish on upcoming weeks. The drop was slow the first few days of the week, barely an inch a day, but by Saturday we were seeing the river drop close to 3 inches a day. Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you here soon!

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