On: January 19, 2020 In: Fishing Reports

The New Year is here and at last we could welcome lower river levels!

The water has finally began to drop more noticeably and the seasonal summer breeze has also finally arrived.

Our fishing friends did not leave disappointed, and each of them landed, more than once, double figure trophy peacocks as well as a very reasonable number of good-sized fish.

And although this holiday season was for us just another fishing week, it was also an opportunity to celebrate with old friends who have come to visit us yet again!

And as the new year begins, we remember all our guests and fishing friends past and present who have joined us here at the lodge and those who will still visit us in the future. For them we wish a new year full of good times, and many special moments wherever they go to fish.

At the Água Boa we believe that good energies are present in our river, and we love nothing better than to share that energy with all our visitors.

We hope that fishing conditions will continue to improve each day to everyone’s satisfaction.

At the moment we continue to recommend intermediate lines and sinking lines, but a floating line can be part of your fishing gear. A peacock caught on a Popper is a truly extraordinary experience after all!

Talking of extraordinary experiences, this week two of our guests ‘touched‘ a piece of primeval history … two of our resident arapaima came to the fly this week but simply refused to be landed! Better luck next week!!

We hope to be back next week with more exciting news of river battles lost and won!

Until soon,

Your Agua Boa team

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