On: January 1, 2017 In: Fishing Reports

Happy New Years from the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge! After the Holiday break, we are back in the swing of things and on the hunt for hard fighting Peacock Bass. Today marks our third day since our return to action and thus far the fishing has been right on track. The water levels are slightly higher than usual but there is still plenty of sight fishing in both the river and the lagoons.

After the season of 2015-2016, where the water was so low, it is nice to have a bit more water in the river. It makes it way easier for our first-class guide staff to access our favorite spots up and down the Agua Boa River. In addition, the fish are far less spooky than they were throughout the ultra-low water conditions that we experienced last season. No surprise that we continue to use our favorite array of bait-fish patterns, whistlers and half & half’s. Any of the above assortment of flies are effective in blue/white, red/white, chartreuse/white and don’t forget your poppers. The higher than average water combined with an abundance of Spotted Peacocks in the River and Lagoons make for exciting popper action.

We also can’t help but recommend our favorite all-around line which is the Rio Tropical Outbound Short WF (F/I) with the 15ft clear tip. It has just enough sink to let fly get down in deeper areas and versatile enough to use with a Popper as well. Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Fishing Report and check back next week to get caught up on all the action from the first week of 2017!

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