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The days run forward and turn into weeks, and this most recent complete week of excellent fishing has now come to an eventful close!

The sun shone and left the crystal waters of the Água Boa ever more transparent. Our guests could even glimpse the colours of our native fish moving across the yellow sandbars that give shape to our river.

And these roving fish are always at their most ferocious in shallow water, attacking the fly with a ferocity that astounds the fisherman trying to convert his every cast into a capture.

We don’t need to write about the large numbers of landed fish each week, but would rather confirm that the fishing experience has, yet again, utterly exceeded the expectations of our guests.

Just as we prefer not to count fish here, we also do not encourage our guests to compete with each other for numbers of fish caught each day. For us, each day on our extraordinary river is a unique and individual experience which cannot easily be reduced to numbers and sizes.

However, we can say that, during the week just passed, more than 15 specimens of more than 10 lbs were landed every day, with the largest Tucunaré topping the scales at just over 18 lbs …

How not to be delighted !!…

At the Água Boa, you may perhaps wake up in the morning to a colorful sunrise, but definitely you will awaken with your energies renewed by a long night of deep sleep, cocooned by the forest sounds and strong primeval energies that surround us here.

With your batteries renewed by this all-pervading raw Amazonian energy, infusing everything around us with its power, there can be no bad days …

This week’s guests comprised two wonderful groups of fishermen, one accompanied by a fishing guide in Montana named Marc Bolton and the other composed of no less extraordinary people, with whom we had interesting conversations and exchanges of experiences.

A big ‘Thank you’ to Karl Fisher for making us smile every night with his stories and jokes! Thanks again Karl.

We continue to recommend similar intermediate and floating lines to our guests, as we have in previous posts, as well as other suggestions that we have already made (strong sun cream, re-hydration salts as well as strong stripping fingers/gloves).

However why not also ‘mix it up’ a little with a large popper?… guaranteed to bring our giants up for some incredible action on the surface… bring your own or check out our shop for supplies.

You’ve not really experienced everything until a big Tucunare has utterly demolished your Pole-Dancing popper as it wiggles noisily across the surface…

Our most important recommendations continue to be….
“Enjoy each and every day on the water!”


“Face the challenges and limitations of every moment with joy, because when the reward comes, it can be extraordinary…”

Your Agua Boa Team!

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