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Another week goes by and one more group of guests sadly takes their leave of us, more than satisfied with everything that the Água Boa has offered them.
The skies opened and we experienced the full wet weather experience for a few days of this week…. but that’s why we call our environment here a rain forest!! On several occasions our guests experienced the full force of a real local Amazonian downpour…
all-drenching tropical rains, strong and fast.
On the other hand, the level of the river continues to drop slightly, telling us that the rains have been concentrated in the lower part of the river.

And how was the fishing? What is there to talk about?… It was yet another week where the number of fish and the size has awakened a feeling of real accomplishment in our guests. A very good number of peacock bass were caught between 10 and 17 lbs, some broken lines, and some huge but ultimately elusive fish … Why? … well that’s fishing…!!
Once again there were several chances of fishing for our beloved giant arapaima – the legendary Amazonian Pirarucu – but only one was caught…this time by our good friend Mark, who returns to England with a magnificent story to tell.

It was also a wonderful week to observe the wildlife, woolly and howler monkeys, capuchins, iguanas, tapir … and our Amazonian birds, lots and lots and lots of birds, but the highlight was surely a gift to our friend Claire, who, on her morning walk on the runway spotted a jaguar. What an amazing experience, bravo Claire…

Once again we remind you of the importance of bringing the right lines so that you can enjoy all the opportunities that our very special river has to offer!

Intermediate lines are the best right now. Also we’d recommend that you bring at least one:
-Sink-tip line
-Floating line
With that you will be fully covered!
AND strong (at least 40lb test) leader material… our fish won’t be spooked by thicker grades of monofilament or fluorocarbon! 25-30lb test is really too light!!
Again, stripping fingers or gloves are really really important!
Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact your agent, they will have all the necessary information to ensure that your trip is great success!!

… more news from our beautiful water next week.

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