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Welcome back to the Agua Boa for our latest news about week 3 of our new season, November 3-10.
It is increasingly difficult to find new superlatives to describe the events of this week and to paint verbal pictures that do justice to our lovely water!

Fishing remains excellent, with the level of the river continuing to improve every day … It is hugely rewarding to see the smiles and the expressions of our guests as each memorable day draws to a close…knowing that their fishing experience was excellent and the significant numbers and size of fish they have encountered is only a further complement to their satisfaction.

It is more rewarding still to hear from guests who are returning to the Água Boa for the sixth or seventh time, that their latest fishing week with us was the best yet!

The combination of new and old friends has made for an extraordinary experience this week. Old hands sharing their knowledge and newbies anxious to learn.

The rain that visited us on several occasions this week did nothing to stop our fly-fishers from fishing – and catching impressive numbers (and sizes) of peacocks and other fishy inhabitants of our own little piece of paradise.

A significant number of ‘tucunaré’ peacock bass between 10 and 16 lbs, were fished this week, we calculate between 200 specimens in this range.

How can we not be satisfied with a weekly catch result like that…?
Also as in the most recent previous weeks Pirarucu (Giant arapaima) were also encountered, resulting in several ferocious fights for our guests.

Three arapaima were landed, a lifetime achievement for Jim and Joe…

We have perhaps seemed repetitive in our words or descriptions in this review, but nothing really has changed – neither the exquisite scenery nor the extraordinary fishing experience for our guests this season…

One more thing needs to be said… the Agua Boa is in incredibly good shape this Season. Numbers and quality of fish caught and seen are simply breathtaking!

An important tip: always check that you are bringing all of your personal and regular use medicines.

Another thing… electrolyte salts!

Don’t forget to bring some with you… it’s hot and humid at the Agua Boa and we all sweat!

It may be you won’t need them yourself, but your fishing buddy might!! We suggest you bring sachets of rehydration salts that can easily be topped into our bottled water and chugged down … an instant pick-me-up in case you start to flag!

We are so happy with our guests, with our river and with our fishing…

We await your arrival, to share that special happiness with you, of sight-casting a colourful fly over our truly beautiful water.

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