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Dear friends of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge,

Arapaima double!

We are back with our first fishing report to mark the beginning of the new season 2018-19!

As always, we open our doors with ‘Owner’s Week’, when we welcome our owner and his friends for a fun-filled week of fly-fishing for our Peacocks and many many other crazy varieties of local fish!

Our Amazon Winter produced normal rains and allowed the river to rise and spread through the surrounding forest, opening new paths and horizons for its waters and inhabitants. The fish had plenty of opportunities to explore and rest-up in the flooded forest!

We are starting the new fishing season with a normal water level for this time of the year, and peacocks hungry for a fly on the end of our lines!!

The signs are auspicious…

The first week’s fishing was very productive, not only in numbers but also in sizes and variety of fish caught. FOURTEEN varieties of fish were caught during the first week alone!!

The largest Peacock landed this week, was a beautiful 18 pounds, a fish, that in his fierce fight, line-burned the fingers of our friend Johnny, an Agua Boa ‘virgin’, who experienced for the first time the full range of emotions that the Agua Boa can offer!

The Arapaima (Pirarucu) also showed in their strength and beauty, with the group having many great opportunities and ending with the capture of two beautiful specimens, both caught in the main river on peacock rigs, at the same time… an ‘arapaima double’ … possibly the first-ever on the Agua Boa!! See our weekly photo highlights and also our regularly updated Instagram account (details below!).

As always our tip for friends and clients that will visit us in the coming weeks:

  • Include in your fishing items: Intermediate line, and sinking line, as well as also floating line.
  • Bring HEAVY leaders, many fish broke our guests’ 40lb test leaders!
  • The emotion of fishing with a popper has no equal so bring some with you!!! Poppers can be a hugely exciting way of fishing for these fiercely predatory fish, and may well produce unexpected results! (Matt hooked a solid arapaima on a big popper!!)

The fishing season at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is open, and we await the return of our usual annually-visiting friends and as well as many new faces.

Together with our friendly staff, they (and you!) can enjoy the unique experience that the Amazon Rain Forest can offer!!

We will return next week with more news, and certainly with renewed energies…

Check us out on our new Instagram account!


See you soon!!

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