On: October 1, 2017 In: Fishing Reports

Greetings from the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge! The 2017-2018 season is up and running and we look forward to another great year. Like many previous years Lodge Owner, Lance Ranger, continued the tradition of hosting Owner’s Week by having a group of buddies to kick off the season.

The soft opening is always a great way to fine-tune the facility, boats, and guides. Tried and approved by the owner himself, we are ready to kick off the season with our first group of anglers from Mavungana Fly Fishing. The water level is higher than it has been the last few seasons for the opener. However, year in and year out we consider the level to be normal for this time of year. Lance and his group had great fishing, primarily fishing 300-grain sinking lines. The group was fortunate enough to catch fish up to 15lbs with the highlight being a number of small-sized Piraracu being landed. Enjoy a shot of David Wanderer with a Piraracu!

The water has been on the drop the last few days and we expect that trend to continue. However, for groups that will be joining us here in future weeks, we expect more of the same in terms of fishing strategy and line choice. We recommend that you come armed with sinking lines of either 250-300 grains in order to get down deeper in the lagoons and bays. But keep in mind you should also have an intermediate or floating line to take advantage of the potential popper fishing which will turn on throughout November. Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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